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What are Cannabis concentrates?

‘Cannabis concentrates’ refers to any product acquired through an extraction process. Solvents (e.g., butane, CO2, ethanol) strip compounds from the cannabis plant, leaving behind a product with cannabinoids packed in every drop. Some types of extracts test as high as 80% in THC, while others are rich in non-psychoactive compounds like CBD deliver an altogether “high-less” experience.

Cannabis concentrate products include:

  • Hash
  • CBD Oils and Tinctures
  • THC edibles
  • Cannabis oil concentrate/Shatter
  • Wax crumble

Understanding the Types of Weed Concentrates


order cannabis oil concentrate aka shatter online in Canada
Buy Lab-Tested Shatter Online in Canada

Cannabis shatter is also referred to as shatter, weed shatter, or marijuana shatter. It is created using a solvent to separate the plant matter from the THC and CBD in a closed loop system. The resulting substance is the placed on parchment paper and baked in a vacuum oven to remove the solvent. The substance, or “slurry” is then “burped” to remove as much solvent as possible and the cannabis shatter begins to take form and spread across the paper. The consistency is dependent upon how long the material spends in the oven, ranging from 45 minutes to a full day.

This method of creating concentrates maintains a high level of terpene content which is what gives cannabis its flavor and aroma. By preserving the terpene content, cannabis shatter is one of the more flavorful varieties of concentrates. Shatter is ideal for those who enjoy the flavor and aroma while consuming their cannabis.

The method of creating shatter is a refined version of the method used to create butane honey oil or BHO. The plant material is processed further in the same way to remove even more of the plant material and solvent, making shatter one of the most potent concentrates, some strains containing up to 90% THC concentration.


THC oil. THC Shatter. THC Hash. Canadian THC Concentrates.
Guaranteed Potent THC Concentrates in Canada

Cannabis oil is known by many names including marijuana oil, hash oil, CBD oil, or THC oil. This concentrate can be ingested like edibles and has a similar effect. Marijuana oil is slow to take effect, but it lasts much longer than flower and other concentrates because it is metabolized by the body. Oil can be consumed in oil capsules, making this ideal for those who want to consume using a smoke-free method. Oils are great for treating medical conditions as they last long, extending the pain relief enjoyed while the cannabinoids are in effect. CBD oil is very popular among patients using cannabis for pain relief but prefer not to have the “high” associated with THC.

Cannabis oils are available in varieties that are high in THC, high in CBD or both. Oils come in two main varieties and can be ingested or used in a vape pen. The first variety is BHO, which is an oil created using butane and referred to as butane honey oil. The second is CO2 oil, which is created using pressure and carbon dioxide to separate the cannabinoids from the plant material. The process is called supercritical fluid extraction and is very effective at reducing the cannabis down to its essential compounds. CO2 oil is mixed with polypropylene glycol, which gives the oil a liquid consistency that is most popularly used in vape pens.


Hash with leaf

Cannabis hash or weed hash is the oldest form of concentrates and can be used similarly to flower by vaporizing it or rolling it into joints. When rolled in addition to traditional flower, it lends an added boost of THC concentration to your joint. Cannabis hash is created by shaking the plant material vigorously which causes the resin glands to drop onto silk screens. Those resin glands are sieved through a screen or series of screens, further reducing the material into kief. This powdery substance is the cannabinoids that have been knocked off of the plant material, and it is then compressed into a block of hash.

Hash can also be created using the bubble bag method. This process involves placing the plant material in bubble bags or silk screen bags and agitating them in a bucket of ice water. Once the resin glands are separated, the ice water is easily removed as the THC is not water soluble. This process results in a higher quality hash than the traditional method.

Cannabis Wax

cannabis wax vs shatter
Wax is concentrated cannabis oil too…

Wax is similar to oil and created in a similar fashion in a closed loop extraction system, except the oil is whipped during the process of purging the solvent. The substance is cooked at a low temperature and whipped by hand until all traces of the solvent has been removed; leaving it in a dry, crumbling consistency. The longer this process is performed, the drier the concentrate will be. Some prefer it very dry like traditional wax, and some prefer it to be more malleable, which is the case with cannabis budder. This budder is a wax that is not processed as long as traditional wax. Cannabis wax is the most popular dabbable concentrate and has a similar THC concentration as cannabis oil.

Cannabis Tincture

THC Tincture Concentrates in Canada. Order / Buy Online Now
Order THC Tincture Concentrates in Canada

CBD tincture or cannabis tincture is a liquid concentrate obtained through alcohol extraction. This process pulls out the plant’s cannabinoids and creates a liquid substance that is placed under the tongue with a dropper. The concentrate enters the bloodstream and works well as a smokeless method ideal for medical marijuana patients.


Choose Lab Tested Cannabis Concentrates in Canada

Cannabis concentrates are surging in popularity as the use of cannabis for medical or recreational use becomes more common and socially accepted. People of all walks of life are openly consuming cannabis, making way for a bigger market for specialty cannabis products like edibles and concentrates.

Many health conscious individuals or those who are using medicinal marijuana prefer a smokeless option to avoid potential lung damage. THC concentrates such as THC oil and CBD concentrates such as CBD tincture offers a great alternative to smoking and do not require any complicated equipment to consume. For those who enjoy smoking their herb but are looking for a cleaner option or a higher potency, weed hash or dabbing marijuana shatter are excellent alternatives.

So What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Flower and Cannabis Concentrates?

There is a certain familiarity about using cannabis flower, or “bud.” Seasoned marijuana consumers and beginners alike find the flower to be straight forward and easy enough to use; they know what to expect with it, the results are fast acting, and it is easy to consume. Concentrates can be intimidating to a novice concentrate consumer. The THC content in traditional flower is roughly 10-25% among most strains, while weed concentrates boast 50-80%; some even up to 90% THC concentration. With such a high potency, there is a natural fear (and curiosity) involved in giving concentrates a try.

Marijuana concentrates are created by extracting the cannabinoids from the plant material. The different varieties are classified by the process and solvent used to extract the cannabinoids from the plant matter. The most popular THC concentrates and CBD concentrates include weed concentrates, cannabis oil, weed shatter, cannabis wax, tinctures, and even cannabis lollipops. They are available in THC rich or CBD rich forms, or a combination of the two. The type you should use depends on your preferred method of consuming your concentrates and your personal tastes and preferences.

When venturing into the world of marijuana concentrates it is best to start small and with products with a lower THC concentration. Starting with THC concentrates or CBD concentrates that are very potent and consuming too much too fast can lead to adverse effects such as rapid heartbeat and paranoia.

Whether you choose a hash oil, cannabis tincture, or edibles like cannabis lollipops, it is always best to use the minimum dosage first and work your way up as you determine your individual tolerance.

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