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If you are considering CBD Products for Glaucoma, we recommend you do so under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

Glaucoma is a medical condition which effects the optic nerve of the eyeball. It is caused by intraocular pressure behind the eye. As the pressure build, it causes damage to the nerve which is responsible for transmitting images to the brain. Enough pressure will eventually cause total blindness. It is progressive and steadily gets worse over time. It is often inherited and does not appear until later in life. Although glaucoma does not initially cause pain, it does become painful as it progresses. There are a variety of treatments for glaucoma including eye drops and surgery. Recently, the benefits of CBD oil in glaucoma treatment has become more widely known.

Is CBD Good for Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is not usually detected until it is already causing problems and often called the Sneaky Theif of Vison for that reason. When asking “does CBD help glaucoma”, there are several factors to consider. An important one is that glaucoma is the result of an imbalance in the body. More fluid is being stored behind the eye than is being dispelled. Several studies have shown that cannabinoid use such as in CBD improve both the symptoms and the causes of glaucoma.

Can CBD Oil Help with Glaucoma?
CBD oil helps with glaucoma because it is a powerful antioxidant. It is able to break down the extra peroxynitrite building up in the eye. It is the extreme amounts of peroxynitrite which causes cell death or apoptosis in the eye. CBD can also stop the peroxynitrite from forming in the first place. CBD stops blindness by preventing apoptosis from occurring.

How to Treat Glaucoma with CBD
CBD glaucoma treatment is very easy. Many people simply smoke marijuana because it has been proven to help. The trouble is that it only lasts about two hours at the most. Others prefer to take a sublingual dose of a CBD oil. Using CBD oil with glaucoma is becoming a widely used treatment. CBD oil treatment for glaucoma in this fashion will last approximately four hours. CBD glaucoma dosage for this type treatment is approximately 30 mg with around of those milligrams being THC or CBD for glaucoma. The dosage of CBD oil for glaucoma will vary slightly depending on strength of oil.

CBD oil for Treating Glaucoma
CBD oil can also be used as a topical solution. CBD help for glaucoma can be as simple as applying a cream or lotion. Although this works best for other issues such as headache. It is a CBD glaucoma solution. An even better one is CBD eye drops for glaucoma. These drops are used just as any other. The dosage of CBD oil for glaucoma in this treatment must contain Delta-9 THC. This highly effective dosage lasts for up to 12 hours.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Glaucoma?
When learning how to use CBD oil for glaucoma, the first important lesson is how much to use. CBD is effective for glaucoma if used correctly. CBD dosage is largely dependent upon how the patient feels. Each person has a different tolerance level and pain threshold. It is best to start with a low level and then work up to a higher level as pain and symptoms subside. Many patients begin using CBD oil in a vape pen. It is just like an electronic cigarette, except it dispenses CBD oil instead of nicotine.

Best CBD Oil for Glaucoma
The best CBD oil for any use will be a full-spectrum oil. Full spectrum just means that the oil contains all the same active compounds that are present in the raw hemp plant. It should also be totally organic without any sort of chemical additive at any point in the process.
How to Use CBD Oil Glaucoma
CBD oil can be used for glaucoma by using eye drops, a vape pen, sublingual drops, or even a body lotion. The way it is used is a matter of preference to the patient. Eye drops are thought to be the most effective way to use CBD oil to treat glaucoma, but any way you use to ingest it will provide some relief.

Can CBD oil Cause Glaucoma?
Some patients are concerned that using CBD oil can cause glaucoma. There is no evidence in any study that supports this theory. CBD does not have any connection as the causation for any disease known to the medical community.
CBD oil is an effective treatment for CBD and can also be easier to pay for than other treatments. Early detection of glaucoma is the best remedy. Getting regular eye exams after the age of 40 is important in the fight against glaucoma.