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If you are considering CBD Products for Migraines and Headaches, we recommend you do so under the supervision of a licensed medical professional.

As anyone that suffers from migraine headaches will tell you, the pain can be so severe that it can leave you bedridden, crying out in pain, or rushing off to the emergency room of a local hospital to seek urgent treatment. Migraine sufferers complain of pain so bad that it is often accompanied by severe anxiety, nausea, vertigo, lack of appetite, and a long list of other nasty symptoms. Medical professionals across the United States and Canada typically treat a migraine headache or cluster headache sufferer with heavy doses of pain relief medication. These medications typically have bad side effects and are extremely addictive, so recently the shift within medical sciences has looked to move in a different direction for treatment options.

Over the last decade, medical professionals have had increasingly positive results treating migraine headache sufferers with CBD oil. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the main chemical compounds found within the hemp and cannabis plants. CBD activates CB2 neuroreceptors in the body and can act a strong pain reliever if the dosing is adequate enough. Unlike pharmaceutical medication, CBD oil has no side effects, possess other health benefits, and contains no THC, the psychoactive substance contained in marijuana. Cannabis oil for migraines is not only proven effective at treating this ailment, but it has also been proven to work well with headache and migraine prevention if taken regularly under a doctor’s supervision. Orally taken CBD drops have even been shown to reduce the symptoms of hemiplegic and vestibular diseases.

What Does The Research Say About CBD Oil and Migraines?

According to a recent Florida-based study on treating migraines with CBD hemp oil, it was shown that CBD reduced the symptoms of a migraine headache in 53 percent of patients treated with the medicine. CBD oil for children with migraine headaches also was shown to be very positive in the same research study, with over 60 percent of these children having their symptoms lessened by taking cannabidiol oil. An abdominal migraine and vestibular migraine focus group also mirrored the aforementioned results, with a majority of sufferers seeing reduced symptoms. Even chronic migraines were shown to display reduced symptoms when the test subject ingested CBD. In this Florida study, the patients were given a choice between a CBD cream and a CBD spray form of the cannabis-based medicine.

How Much Cannabidiol For Migraines is Taken?

The CBD dosage for migraines is key. If too little is taken then the migraine symptoms will not be reduced enough, however, if too much CBD for migraines is given then it could induce negative side effects such as some mild digestive issues. Scientists and researchers are still working out the best method for dosing patients properly. Taking a CBD tincture for migraines is one of the best methods, as it is much easier to gauge the proper dosage. If a migraine sufferer uses a CBD salve or CBD vape then it is much harder to gauge how much of the medicine is entering the bloodstream and thus these methods usually are not recommended.

The Best CBD Strains For Migraines

To enjoy CBD benefits for migraines it is very important that you use the best strains. If you intend to smoke a cannabis flower to intake the CBD oil, then you should only use a high CBD migraine indica strain. A sativa cannabis strain should be avoided when suffering from a migraine, as a sativa is very stimulating and can actually make a headache worse similar to what caffeine would do. The best form of CBD for migraines would be an oral tincture of the indica variety. Some of the most popular strains that fit this description include Pennywise, Stephen Hawking Kush, Sweet and Sour Widow, Sour Tsunami, and Canna-Tsu. When using CBD to treat migraines you should always consider taking the proper high CBD strain with minimal or no THC.

The Future of Migraine Treatment With CBD

Make no mistake about it, the current trend is seeing CBD used more often as a professional medical treatment for not just migraines, but for a whole host of other health ailments. While it definitely sounds like a sales pitch to call CBD a miracle substance, the truth is CBD really is an exceptional herbal medicine that is truly effective. With an absolute epidemic of prescription drug addictions plaguing the United States and Canada, there is no better time than now for CBD to take center stage as it’s non-habit forming, completely natural, and has minimal to no side effects at all. With scientists and researchers busily gathering an increasingly larger pool of clinical data on CBD, it is thought that the herbal medicine will slowly start to be one of the leading treatments used for a long list of diseases and chronic health issues. If you own stock in a CBD company, then you’re likely to be in a good position as the CBD industry is going to continue climbing through the ranks as a leading medicine. CBD oil for hemiplegic migraines.

The Legality of CBD Within The United States and Canada

While CBD is legal in Canada and also legal in many US states, it is still strictly regulated and in some cases or quantities can still be considered an illegal substance. Thankfully, as governments around the world continue to see the real science backed research behind CBD’s effectiveness as a medicine, it won’t be long before CBD is legalized worldwide and any prohibition based attitude towards it will be laughed out of the room.