17 Grams 1 x Buy – CB Dutch Treat (Exotic – 2:1 CBD/THC Ratio) 9.88% CBD – 5.91% THC


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Cannabis Indica Flower Rockstar Platinum Strain Certificate of Analysis Laboratory Report Buy Online Canada

Strain Info

Strain Name: CB Dutch Treat (2:1 CBD/THC Ratio)
Grade: AAAA (Rare/Exotic)
THC Potency: 9.88% CBD / 5.91% THC – Lab Verified
Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Burn: Smooth burning, clean white ash. Appears to be well flushed.
Primary Aromas:


Info:  CB Dutch Treat Strain is a sensory delight for cannabis enthusiasts. With a complex blend of terpenes, including Terpinolene, Myrcene, and Ocimene, it offers a rich and diverse flavor and aroma profile. When you take a whiff, you’ll be greeted by a delightful fusion of pine, spiciness, sweetness, earthiness, fruitiness, and woody notes, creating an olfactory experience that’s truly unique.

In terms of appearance, CB Dutch Treat Strain showcases the hallmark characteristics of a top-tier strain. Its buds are often dense, resinous, and feature a glistening coat of trichomes.

CB Dutch Treat Strain is a captivating cannabis hybrid with a remarkable history. Born from a cross between the legendary Amnesia Haze and Azura Haze, it inherits the best of its lineage. Known for its remarkable achievements, this strain boasts a THC level of 4% and a CBD level of 8%, making it a gentle choice for both novices and experienced users. CB Dutch Treat’s genetics lean towards the Sativa side, delivering an uplifting, creative, happy, energetic, and euphoric experience that’s perfect for a day of inspiration or unwinding with friends.

With its stellar lineage and fantastic effects, CB Dutch Treat Strain stands as a testament to the art of hybrid breeding. It’s a cannabis masterpiece that offers a memorable experience for those in search of a delightful journey.Cannabis Indica Flower Rockstar Platinum Strain Certificate of Analysis Laboratory Report Buy Online Canada

Lab Data:

Sample submitted: “CB Dutch Treat” dried cannabis flowers.
Visual Inspection: Free from visible contamination and foreign matter.

Activated vs non-activated: activated cannabinoids are non-acidic (neutral) and are the form utilized by the human brain/ body. Activation occurs via heating (smoking, vaporizing, cooking). Cannabinoids in the natural plant are acidic (non-activated) and need to be converted to their neutral form in order to be utilized by the human body. Therefore one would expect fresh cannabis buds to contain mainly non-activated cannabinoids. Processed materials (baked goods, heated extracts) should be higher in the activated forms.

Absent Cannabinoids: if a cannabinoid or terpene is blank, it is not necessarily absent but below the limit of detection by the detector (usually less than 0.01%).

•when reporting totals, acidic cannabinoids are multiplied by 0.877 to account for loss of mass from decarboxylation upon heating (activating)

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